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Fonduelette, enjoy together!

The “fonduelette device” is in the middle of your table. The menu is designed so that the entire table can prepare the meal individually, depending on their personal preferences. Design the raclette pans according to your wishes and cook your meat fondue in delicate broth at the same time.


All ingredients can be reordered as often as you like from our service staff at no extra charge.


We would also like to point out that the grill plate cannot be used due to fire department safety regulations. The fondue pot and the raclette function are of course available without restrictions.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? You have a gluten intoleranceality or lactose intolerance?

No problem. Please indicate this in the "Add Comment" box when booking. We are happy to address your individual needs.


Please note that all guests wear the identical Use fondue pot. Of course, we serve our guests with alternative diets additional ingredients that can primarily be used for the raclette.

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